AntiCheat stats 8th Month

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  • Hello everyone - we've had higher priorities the last few months than getting these Plutonium Stats released however I'll try to keep this monthly. For the purposes of catching up, I will include some references to the last stats thread.

    We currently have 497,830 (Last thread was 165,000) registered forum users and 96948 (Last Thread 84000) Discord Members.

    Our AntiCheat has banned 16,525 (Last Thread 3565) accounts for cheating in Plutonium IW5 and Plutonium T6.

    4,460 (Last Thread 1686) of those accounts were unique hackers with 12,065 (Last Thread 1879) additional accounts created and instantly banned for attempting to bypass / evade their original ban.

    On average - 30 unique hackers are banned a day by the AntiCheat. This does not include bans given to people failing to bypass their original ban.


    We hope the community is enjoying the project!

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