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  • Dear Pluto Mods, On Fed's server I have noticed a sudden surge runs of more kids who are under the age of 18, specifically under 15 to be exact and act extremely childish.

    There has been strong use of the N word, A mod by the name of Ash kicking some people for saying the word "haha" and people getting Perm Banned for saying the N word while when Ash says it, he said he was only joking and it's ok.

    Specifically on the server it mentions No Racism and I think these rules should be followed by everyone and Mods should not abuse their power and think because their higher up its ok. Me and 1 other person wanted to report on the server and immediately got kicked and banned for a little while and when I came back I swore at Ash for what he's done because I'm sick of seeing his childish behavior, he even mentioned today that he likes to kick people because he was "bored".

    I think we need to put a stop to these Mods Pluto Team, not only Ash but a few I have seen done the same thing to some people, it only worsens the community.

  • Servers owners are free to kick or ban anybody they want for any reason they want, they can choose who has to follow the rules and who doesn't. It's their server. This is not the place to to complain about this, go find their personal discord or something.

    We do not care about player vs server admin disagreements. If you do not like how the server is ran, do not play on it.

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