Crashes to black screen

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  • I can get the game to work, when i first tried to change my video settings, the game crashed to black screen. only thing i could do was press the power button and do a hard restart. Computer seemed slower to reboot as well. ctrl alt delete wouldn't restart or bring up task manager either.

    The next round, i got it to startup instantly and played a round or 2. then i tried to tab out and the game crashed to black screens again and again I hard to do a hard restart.

    third time. it starts up again. play a few rounds. Go to quit the game. press the quit button and the game again crashes to a black screen. Any ideas why this is happening?

  • Did it create any crashdumps?

  • @Xerxes unfortunately no, it didn't. I run windows 7 if that helps

  • Upgrade to Windows 10, Windows 7 has reached EOL and is a security risk. Plutonium Staff won't provide support for Windows 7 as too much can go wrong and cause problems. Plus it's bad security practice.

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