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  • im actully wondering a some point later in plutoniums life will you guys and gals possibly make a Linux port of plutonium

  • it might be super difficult but i think this would be amazing. the issue mainly is the directx part of everything id suspect or that plutonium makes use of windows libraries that are maybe not well yet implemented on wine or such

  • @EpikIzCool said in plutonium+linux:

    directx part

    There are DX Wrappers that let the game run over Vulkan, they work really well with Plutonium on Windows. So DX should not be an issue..

    Have you tried to run it with wine 6.0 ?

  • No. Last time i recalled i attempted to use valves proton and PlayOnLinux. none were successful. its been awhile since i have been on Linux. Used to be on ubuntu and even tried Linux mint.

    The only cods i got working i recall were T4(WaW) and cod4.

    I'm a big fan of Linux and I'm going to be switching soon. I'm hoping that Plutonium and all other cods would work with a bit of effort.

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