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  • New Zombies Mapvote Menu

    Of course can't miss a mapvote for the zombies mode too. I decided to go back and work on it. I don't know if I'll take the old design but I think it's an interesting design. The goal is to make a drag and drop file.

    In fact, thanks to one of the new Plutonium updates it is possible to perform map rotation. This feature that the devs have implemented is wonderful because it provides excellent functionality for a mapvote of this kind.

    Obviously I want to thank all those who have donated to allow us to implement this feature and I want to thank the Plutonium team that has worked on it.
    Another very interesting bounty/feature is about some dvar, if you are interested pass on this link. If you have the willingness to support the project do it, Plutonium does everything for free and in my opinion we must support the project


    I invite you to suggest new things and additional changes so that we can finish the project. Write your ideas directly below this post and I'll be happy to accommodate you.
    I will add the suggestion to the post and put if I accept it and if it has already been implemeted.

    State of a suggestion
    • Not approved: The idea was rejected because of low demand or because it was unfeasible at the time
    • Approved : The idea was accepted
    • Implemented: Your idea is now up and running and ready to use
    • Not Implemented: Your idea is not ready yet and I have not started working on it
    • Work in progress or WIP: I am working on realizing your idea

    Suggestions List

    Suggest by Suggestion State
    JezuzLizard Make a mapvote also for Zombies Approved & WIP

    Mapvote Preview


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