my game keeps crashing without any message

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  • I have the same problem With bo2 my game keeps crashing without any message after 1 min of gametime and also i have no crashdump files![dump.PNG

  • I have created a new thread as necroposting is not really welcome.
    Neither is trying to hijack threads, so keep it to this one.

    In order to help us help you we need quite a lot of information:

    • What where you doing when the game crashed?
    • Which map and game mode where you playing?
    • Do you have any mods installed?
    • In case you crashed on zombies, which difficulty did you play on?
    • Do you have any overclocks applied?
    • Do you have any DirectX overlays?
    • What Exception Code did you get?
    • What Exception Address did it show?
    • The dump file (check %LOCALAPPDATA%\Plutonium\crashdumps)

    If you really don't have any crashdumps it simply means it is not crashing but gets closed by something on your PC.

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