Banned account when I stopped playing? Update: Because I cheated.

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  • Good morning/evening,

    I just created my account yesterday because I wanted to play some zombies with my friend, we have done a 26 waves Origins in trio. All worked out very well.

    This morning, at like 10-11am I played a solo game on buried for like 3-4 hours (reached wave 52) and then stopped the game because I was exhausted. When I tried to open up the game again a few minutes ago, the client is showing that I am banned for 6 days, 18 hours and 45 minutes roughly. What happened? Is there a way to unlock my account? I do not really undertand what happended to be honest because I have not done anything bad, I am not doing anything that is not legit (accout created yesterday when I downloaded the T6 game)?

    Thank you if you are reading this, I do not really know what to do...
    Any help or information would be much appreciated.

    Here are screenshots I have taken :

    unknown (2).png unknown (1).png

  • You cheated and even have the cheat open on the first screenshot.

  • @Xerxes lol which one is the cheat?

  • The toolbox one. He also did not bother to read what the dev of it wrote:


  • Topic Locked. Let this be an example to other users who decide to cheat and then deny it.

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