I cannot connect to servers

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  • Whenever I try to connect to bo2 multiplayer and zombies server the game stops responding on waiting for other players and then after 2-3 minutes it goes back to main screen and says there was an error in connecting to servers.

    I am connecting from the servers by pressing f10
    I have a fully functional and working network connection
    I can connect to servers in mw3 but not in bo2
    I can play in offline mode in bo2
    Plutonium is allowed in firewall settings

  • Sorry but can you please speak in english?

  • You've got a maximum of 90 seconds to load a map iirc before the server disconnects you. Anything greater than that, your PC is either too slow or just doesn't meet the minimum requirements to run the game.

  • As stated above I can run mw3 smoothly and this problem is with bo2 only
    And also my pc also meets the spec and my internet connection is also very fast(600 mbps)

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