T6 Zombies - Saving player points and weapons and making it server sided

  • Hey there, so basically if you disconnect then reconnect, you get all your stuff back, this looks weird and to be honest i think it may be impossible, but it has been done before in Modern Warfare by the developers of Reign of the Undead - Revolution and its really neat because a game can take more than an hour.
    Me saying "server side" is just my understanding of the feature so dont take my word for it though.

  • Project Admin

    I like the idea but could cause a problem with people quitting when dying so they don't lose their current stats - we will look into how to implement this in the future :)

  • Glad you like it! Looking forward to what the team comes up with :^)

  • i would love that idea i could save my points to bank and get them i next game good idea

  • Uhh thats not how its supposed to be, its supposed to save your current game stats so if you disconnect then reconnect you dont lose your points or weapons

  • VIP

    Well, that's actually how it's supposed to be. In the original game, your bank and fridge get saved so you can get money and your fridge weapon in any game/map that has bank/fridge.