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  • Hello everyone, this thread will be about me apologizing to everyone - including plutonium team for my previous, immature actions.

    Before I start, I am not looking for attention, I have grown as a person and I just want to apologize for what I have done before.

    1. Cheating:

    When Plutonium (BO2) didn't have a global anti-cheat, I used to cheat on servers because I did not have skills, I did not think about other's fun and I ruined them. Therefore I apologize and I wish for forgiveness.

    To namelessnoobs:
    I hope that you give me a second chance in playing on your servers again, however if you decide not to, that's understandable.

    1. Immature Behavior:
      I misbehaved a lot in the discord server and here on the forums. I

    2. Rude Jokes:
      I have made some rude jokes, which have gotten me banned from the Discord server. I regret my actions.


    I have stopped doing these bad things, I am and will continue to be a better person.

    No, I am not excepting to be forgiven, nor to be unbanned from servers or the discord server. This is a genuine apology by me. I am not the type of person to look for attention online. I hope you understand and thank you for reading.

  • We appreciate your apology. After speaking with the team we have revoked your discord ban. Please check your discord DM's for more information.
    Plutonium Team.

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