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  • Hello community!

    We have some super exciting features and changes in the works for 2021, these changes mean that our current web platforms will need a face lift and the recognition and attention they deserve.

    With https://plutonium.pw/ https://platform.plutonium.pw/serverkeys and https://forum.plutonium.pw/ all receiving a combined 4.5 Million pageviews a month, we are looking for a motivated and talented Modern Stack Web Developer to join our Project!

    The Job:
    You will be joining our existing development team to refresh all our above sites. You will be working along side the staff team to discuss drafts and work collectively to create a clean user experience.

    Our homepage will ideally need to be brought from it's ageing look to a more modern and professional style that our work promotes for the project. With this being the first page many of our new players see, we want this to be as info friendly as possible and give a good overview of the project for new comers.

    Our serverkey platform will soon be expanded to contain more features as well as being more user friendly. Your work will be front and center.

    Our forum - responsible for alot of the pageviews - we currently run one of the largest NodeBB installs on the Internet however this software shows it's glaring weaknesses at this scale, as such we are looking to swap to Discourse, which is ugly in it's default state.
    Our new Web Developer's primary focus will be to create a new theme for our Discourse forum which will also incorporate our Knowledge Base. All 3 area's will have similar theming for uniformity.

    No backend experience is needed, the role is entirely frontend.

    The Project:
    We have over 5 years experience reversing and modifying the Call Of Duty game series, over the years we've reformed and rebuilt to and continually improved and aimed to deliver a high quality product. We love these games and we love to see what we can do with them. We've built a great community and 2021 will be better than ever with some of the plans we have.

    Our Team is built of 30 people ranging from ages 16 to 30+, we are a bunch of nerdy gamers who like to fuck around, the project is a hobby at heart for us all to learn new skills, we try to be organized and hold monthly voice chat meetings to catch up. Most work is done via Discord Text Chat but we consider ourselves friends so will regularly see various staff chatting off topic.

    Most of the team are working or in higher education, we fully understand that some days you can give 3 hours to the project and other days 0. The staff team is roughly split between European's and American's. We even have an up-side down Aussie, so there's always somebody online.

    The entire staff team work on a volunteer basis and as such you are also expected to work on this basis, so please don't proceed any further if you're expecting to be paid.

    You must be over 16 to apply and must be able to read and write English.
    Design experience is preferred but not essential.

    Send an email to [email protected] including:

    • Your Plutonium Username.

    • Your Discord tag.

    • Examples of previous work.

    • Country and Age.

    • Rough times you are normally online.

    • Skills and Experience.

    • Anything else you'd like us to know or see or makes you stand out.

    Thank you for reading!

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