server disconect lost reliable comands and server overflow

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  • i keep getting these errors where i just press the left and right trigger to aim and shoot and it immediately kicks me out, ive been searching and searching for a couse and nothing, i need help please. all i did in the console was the maz allocation to 17 and the unlock all, i do have my 10 slot classes and it kicks me out and i do not play with the 17 ones

    im using ds4 for my controller

  • @Thisisyourboss You didn't search enough as there are many topics on the Plutonium forum asking for this error (btw please check if there is already a topic about your problem before creating one).
    It occurs because of network issues and bad connections. Using a controller can also cause the error.
    Go to this topic (, there are many recommendations to follow that may solve the issue.

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