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  • I am setting up a simple dedicated zombies server to play with my friends on. Everything so far is fine, however I want there to be

    1. unlimited perks
    2. a "zombies left" counter

    I have found a script that allows me to get the unlimited perks; I even know it works becuase every time I load up the server the confirmation message comes up.

    However, for the zombies counter, I have looked everywhere for a good script but I am not sure what I am doing wrong. So far I have just copied the script from here:
    and pasted the code into my .gsc and added the correct import statement. (and also changed the "setSafeText" into "setText")
    The server still loads up, no problem, but the counter simply does not show up at all. I don't know what I am doing wrong. Any help appreciated!

  • You need to compile the GSC using GSC studio. Check the tutorials on this forum.

  • @SaintAodhan Here's a modified version of the zombies counter.

    just call this inside of init()

    level thread drawZombiesCounter();


        level.zombiesCounter = createServerFontString("hudsmall" , 1.9);
        level.zombiesCounter setPoint("CENTER", "CENTER", "CENTER", 190);
        level thread updateZombiesCounter();
        oldZombiesCount = get_current_zombie_count();
            newZombiesCount = get_current_zombie_count();
            wait 0.05;
            if(oldZombiesCount != newZombiesCount)
                level thread updateZombiesCounter();
            	if(newZombiesCount != 0)
            		level.zombiesCounter.label = &"Zombies: ^1";
            		level.zombiesCounter.label = &"Zombies: ^6";
            	level.zombiesCounter setValue(newZombiesCount);

    This method uses setValue instead of setText to avoid any sort of overflow errors.

  • @Cahz
    Thanks a bunch, finally worked. Really appreciate it

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