Is LAN mode required when playing with roommates?

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  • I live in a house with a bunch of roommates and we're talking about playing some BO2 together. I found Plutonium (great job team) and am wondering if 3 or 4 accounts from the same IP address will get us in trouble playing on servers together. I realize we can do LAN mode offline, but what about playing together on some private servers?

    If none of those options, how should my household use Plutonium to play together without getting in trouble? Is it LAN only? Would each roommate using a VPN to get a different IP address work or is that just asking for trouble?

    Sorry if I missed an article or forum post. I did some searches on the site and Google before writing this and I assume LAN mode is the only way to go, but I figured asking the community wouldn't hurt. We want to roll out as a squad, but only if it's by the books.

    Thanks for providing this great service. It is a shame the base game is full of so many cheaters. Thanks for weeding them out of Plutonium!

  • @BlackLodgeGames lan mode is like offline mode, it doesn't allow you to play on public servers (atleast ones that run in online mode), you won't get in trouble for having the same ip tho.

  • Awesome! Thanks for the help!

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