Unable to change game directory

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  • Hi, when i choose the path for the plutonium launcher i selected the wrong path so i wanted to change it but i can't, everytime i start the plutonium launcher it automatically links to my old directory even though i uninstalled it and it doesn't seem like there is a button for that so i'm stuck.
    Thanks in advance for your response.

  • Hey bud - we have a bug right now so thats why.

    Currently, there is a bug with the launcher that will prevent you from changing your game folder location, so you have to manually fix that for now.

    Go to your start menu and type run
    Open this program, it will show a text box, in this text box type %localappdata% then press the enter key
    It will open a folder in the explorer. Now locate the folder called plutonium
    In side it is config.json, delete that. Now when you launch the launcher again the setup button will be visible allowing you re-select your game folder.

  • @Mr-Android Yeah thanks but i found another topic about that, my bad for not searching hard enough before posting, thanks for the quick answer though.

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