Infinite Loading Screen

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  • Hi, when I join to a zombies server my game stays in the loading screen, and i cant join to the game, this also happens when i play in solo, my game never start and keep in the loading screen on every map. What can I do to fix the game? Thanks.


  • Does it stay on Awaiting Challenge 2 or does the number increase? If it stays at that, there's likely an error in the background, you gotta alt tab out and see what the error is. If it increases, then stay at it for a couple of seconds, its bound to give you a specific ingame error sooner or later, mention it here.

  • Thanks for the support, I was wrong, my game start but take so much time like 3 minutes so maybe that happen cause I have a low end laptop.

  • @HannesC Hi , i have the same problem he gos to awating game state and i cant play =/ please if u can, help me ty

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