Plutonium Internet Performance Problems

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  • Hi Community,

    I've been a MW3 player for years and have never experienced issues like this.
    My connection to Plutonium servers makes it impossible to play the game, I get constant ping spikes and stutters.
    This is not a general problem with my internet, this is Plutonium only. I can easily play other games with constant 30 ping and no packet loss. Plutonium on the other hand doesn't allow me to connect to any server in my country (which I usually have 20-30 ping on) without a ping of 50+ with constantly reoccuring ping spikes to 80-100. This causes the stuttering, the game itself runs well, with over 180FPS. I have also found that increasing the value of cl_packetdup temporarily fixes the problem, it doesn't take long until it's back to the shitty performance from before tho.
    I hope to find an answer here, because the #mw3-support channel on Discord has proven to not be helpful.
    Thanks in advance!

  • I will say this is not a widespread issue as I get good ping to servers in my country with no spikes. Have you tested multiple servers as the issue could be with server you are playing on?

  • @H3X1C I have tried every server available and it happens on all. I don't know why my ping is higher on Pluto than anywhere else. Especially by this much...

  • I've also noticed the random spikes on pretty much all servers. Overall the network performance feels kinda wonky in terms of hit reg, getting killed around corners after one second and stuff like that. The people that I asked in game also noticed these things.

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