PS4 controller touchpad issues

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  • Very new to IW5 and Plutonium in general so forgive my ignorance if that is the case.

    I downloaded Plutonium a few days ago and it has been running smoothly. I also downloaded DS4windows so I could use my PS4 controller too. They have both been running perfectly, until this morning. For some reason, in game I can only use the touchpad on the controller, and to limited effect. I can look around, shoot and throw equipment etc but I cannot do anything else. I've checked on DS4windows and it's detecting all my inputs with the analog sticks etc, which leads me to believe its an issue within IW5, although I may be wrong.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • @woko_haram im having the exact same problem, only my pad is working

  • did you fix it, i am having the same problem

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