Odd Movement Issue in Zombies Mode

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  • In the Zombies mode of the game, I'm experiencing an issue involving player movement being slow when aiming down sights, walking backwards, and after knifing a zombie. It isn't an issue involving the timescale, but rather that the game acts as if I'm using a controller and I'm moving my left stick only slightly instead of fully (my gamepad settings are disabled and I am playing on a keyboard and mouse). This issue has been persistent since I've first attempted playing Zombies mode. The only maps I've tested that has this issue right now are Green Run Town and Nuketown in Solo mode. I've tried looking online for solutions to this, but they only assist with jerky mouse movement issues, which I am not having and have not been having. Any help with fixing this would be greatly appreciated!

  • yo, i am having the same issue, I played this game religiously like a year ago but nothing like this happened, also when i move i notice my character has a diagonal path a lot of the time when I'm just pressing forward (don't know if this happening with you, would like to know if it is). Anyways I'm still trying to figure out what is happening.

  • Figured it out. I was running the game on unlimited Max FPS and I guess the game doesn't like that. So I capped my FPS at 60 and now I'm good, every issue I described is gone. Makes no sense why this is the fix though.

  • @ezqc The same thing happens to me, is there still no solution?

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  • same issue here, some strange movement stuff like jumps feel like they take longer and i feel like im floating for a second, it just feels all really weird

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