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  • Hey guys, im trying to play Public matches with Bots
    The Problem i have is, that i think the bots are to easy on "Veteran"
    Before i start a match i type in the Console

    bot_difficulty 3

    bot_MaxDeathTime 1

    bot_MaxPitchTime 10000

    bot_MaxReactionTime 1

    bot_MinPitchTime 3000

    bot_MinReactionTime 1

    bot_MaxReactionTime 100

    bot_StrafeChance 50

    ai_maxAttackerCount 3

    SpawnBot 11

    My Questions is: is this the correct way? do i have to type everything except "SpawnBot" again in the console when i finish the game? or do i have to load first the Bots then changing the difficulty and after that the following commands like "MaxReaction" etc.?

    Does anyone know a better way? or even can help me? im paying a donation ๐Ÿ‘

  • pushing

  • @DEADPAIIN The bots on Plutonium T6 are currently broken because of unknown reasons. Since you are willing to pay for a potential fix you could make a bounty here following the instructions in this forum post:

    Its not exactly known why the bots are not working properly but from my experience the bots seem to have poor aim and awareness of enemies. They also run into walls regardless of difficulty possibly due to not being able to rotate their cameras.

    If you create the bounty I will contribute some amount to it.

  • @JezuzLizard alright thanks, i created a thread

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