Banned Incredibley Unfairly

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  • I got fully banned of plutonium for saying fix aimbot please on a tweet from an admin and got called a noob for trickshotting and then i continued to say admit you cant fix it and then i got banned from them on plutonium and blocked on twitter can i get some support and help on wtf i did wrong?

  • Hello, we do not take unban appeals at this time.

    Please know that we're working hard to combat cheaters, but mind you that it is a difficult fight.

    With all due respect, you've been kind of an ass to basically (one of) the big boss(es) of Pluto, so you kind of could've seen that coming a mile away.

    Please remember that we're doing this for free in our free time, show a bit respect.

  • Am i just banned off of forums or the entire game? @Emosewaj and dont you think i was in the right because he told me to stop doing something i love and called me a "noob" i think me not even being an ass to him is justified since he did the exact same

  • Our opinion of trickshotters isn't exactly great, the trickshotting community has repeatedly shown not only their incompetence but their lack of respect to us and our project. While I can see your point, I do not believe there's much chance that you'll be unbanned, that's solely in the senior admins' hands.

    As to whether your ban is forum only or game too, you'll have to try yourself, as I can't determine that from here. Make sure you use your original account though.

  • @devious My reply was a reply to your entitled behavior. Your behavior fits very well with the average trickshotter. We're not gonna deal with that shit. If you can't behave yourself kindly fuck off please.

  • Hey, I didn't mean to sound entitled writing the reply to the post, I like this game a lot and i don't really wanna get banned, when you replied to me with the comment anger took a hold of me and I didn't mean to sound like an asshole, I'm not like the ordinary Trickshotter that's an asshole to the higher ups I just wanted the problem to be fixed and I didn't want to sound like an prick asking it, I sincerely apologize for my behavior and ask for second chance, Thank you.

  • @devious Your account bvj has been unbanned. Take this as a warning. Disrespect to any staff member and/or entitled behavior will not be tolerated.
    Topic is now locked.

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