Black Ops 2 Problems (Please Read)

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  • Problem:
    When I use the steam version of black ops 2 everything is perfect, the frames are good, load times quick, and no stuttering. When I download plutonium my black ops 2 starts having really bad loading times then lags for about 20 seconds with 10-15 fps.

    Things I've Tried:

    • Making multiple exulsions in windows defender for plutonium, including my black ops 2 directory itself.

    • Redownloading Plutonium and Steam version.

    • Disabling steam shader cache and nividia shader cache.

    • Clearing Temp files for both Windows and AppData

    Yes I know this is a very weird issue I'm having that's why I've posted it on the forums. If anybody has any suggestions would be great. I've also tried asking staff on the plutonium discord they told me to go here.

  • I just tried it, it didn't work. Thanks for the suggestion though.

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