Friend can't connect

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  • Hi, since last week my friend isn't able to connect to my games. we start solo games without problems but he can't connect to me and i can't connect to him. uPnP is enabled and we got no errors, it just loads and then nothing happens, even with the connect command

  • Try Custom Game

  • I have the same problem and I tried in party to custom

  • i have the exact same issue on my end as well, tried with both hamachi and radmin vpn and neither seem to be working with plutonium at all, we even use the connect command once the first round has started with zero luck

  • the private match guide states: If you can't connect to your friend even tho upnp is enabled OR if upnp is still disabled after you tried the workaround you have to forward port 4976 in your router and your friends have to use your wan ip to connect to you via the console.
    Have all of you done that?

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