Oops! Plutonium ran into a problem and must be closed.

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    I have no idea why this keeps happening. I have searched all over the internet for a solution and nobody else from what I can see is experiencing this.

    My directory is correct, my directory is in my C Drive and the game folder is within a folder called Games as the installation instructions instructed.

    I have tried disabling my antivirus, deleting Plutonium from my local appdata, reinstalling Plutonium, reinstalling the entire game by deleting it and redownloading the torrent. Nothing.

    I cannot upload the crash dump file here due to the website file size limitations, but inside the text document version of the crash dump it says the following:

    Exception Code: 0xC0000005
    Exception Address: 0x19840BC6

  • @Scrimzox you can upload the crashdump to google drive (or another file hosting service) and post the link here, it would help us alot in finding out why it's crashing.
    But if it crashes at 0x19840BC6 that means it's crashing in bo2 itself and not in plutonium.
    Where did you download the game itself from?

  • hey did you get any sloution to this error now !
    pls reply if u get any i ma also facing this issue .

  • @Mr-LoneWolf i mean i responded to the guy telling him what to do so you could start by doing what i said (uploading the dump file to google drive). Please create a new topic for that tho as this one is a year old and your issue might not be exactly the same.

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