UPnp not working

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  • Enabling UPnP and setting the network to private makes no change to what I see inside the client my private IP is always zero I have a public IP but the port is zero and it says UPnP is disabled. port forwarding is set up in the router as a last resort but friend can still not connect with connect command in the console.I was going to start a dedicated server to skirt around this problem but the config file is missing from the other website

  • @ppboomer

    • Check your firewall rules (or try disabling your windows firewall entirely)
    • Make sure your friend uses the ip you see when you visit this site: https://www.whatsmyip.org/
    • Make sure you forwarded port 4976 UDP
    • Make sure the match has been started (map loaded) before letting anyone connect

    Also the config files are not gone, they are included in the archive linked in the guide (https://github.com/xerxes-at/T6ServerConfigs/archive/master.zip).

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