Private Match MW3

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  • Just installed MW3 and I used both Hamachi and Radmin vpn to try and connect to my friends' game (when he starts one on private match etc) I too press on private match and go on the console to type his ip from hamachi and tried radmin vpn as well but they never connect (example connect In fact as soon as I am about to join the game it crashes my friends game. We checked the firewall and antivirus but there was nothing blocking anything.

    Need some help as port forwarding wont work in both of our cases. (and yes i did check the guide)

    BTW this is the error message my friend gets when i try to connect to his game.

  • r1051 is outdated, could be possible he's crashing because of that. Ask him to run plutonium.exe to update the client files and always use this to launch the games, and not the launcher itself. Also we don't support 3rd party tools like radmin or hamachi, so you're on your own.

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