[T6] [Offline] Put .stat file in t6r\player\dw\offline instead of random XUID

  • Feature:
    Either Fix the XUID for offline users which be alright for b3 offline or put their stats under a offline folder.

    Every time a offline user uses opens the game. their stats and playername is back to unknown soldier and level 1.

    This feature should be added to the client, so offline people can enjoy more use out of it and not having to set their classes every time their internet goes out lol

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    +1 this, would be nice to have

  • flip this would be nice a bit annoying to set everything again and loosing superadmin on b3

  • Even better IMO would be to store the last used online guid somewhere and use that stored guid to load the usual profile when offline.

    online, login successful, echo guid to t6r\player\guid.dat

    offline, if present t6r\player\guid.dat set guid = t6r\player\guid.dat
    offline, if not present t6r\player\guid.dat set random guid, echo guid to t6r\player\guid.dat

    Either store the guid on "guid.dat" or on the second line of user.name, to avoid spamming files.

    Basically, each time a user logs in, that guid gets stored as the current guid. If the client is offline, it gets and uses the stored guid. If no guid is stored (if the client is started offline before ever being online) a random guid is generated and stored as current guid.
    I guess the username works somehow like that.

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    @Prometheus One for the Quality Of Life update?

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