RandyF204, I must find you.

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  • Dear @RandyF204,

    I have been trekking the very fabric of the Plutonium Universe to find you and play another Zombies match with you. The amount of dopamine that rushes into my brain when I play without is beyond any average human being. My fellow friends including myself have even taken your name as a token of our kinship towards you and we have even started our religion that is known as Randyism. The amount of times I have typed RandyF204 in the Nexuscore Origins server proves my loyalty and servitude towards you @RandyF204. My Friends @mazn and @Ruxian would love to see you in a game with us again. So I ask, please add us back on forums we would to play origins again sometime.

  • please randy we must meet you again

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