Client Suggestion List

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  • Here is a dump of some suggestions I came up with:

    [+] Unlock cg_fovscale on bo2 (maybe partially like 1.125 max, as viewmodels do look weird at higher values compared to the other games)
    [+] Improve Mouse Input (even when using a lower polling rate this game feels like it has some form of smoothing compared to the other games).
    [+] Restore functionality of Safe Area (used on console to move the hud position, this works on the mw3 client with /SafeArea_Adjusted_Horizontal and /SafeArea_Adjusted_Vertical shown below)

    [+] unlock cg_fovscale
    [+] Restore Functionality of Safe Area (as discussed above)
    [+] Fix the weird running animations when you use high fps

  • cg_fovscale / cg_fovmin has been unlocked on WaW, I will add it on the list for T6.

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