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  • I start the game, when I select a server to connect, go to the map loading and crash screen and this message appears. It only happens in Multiplayer mode, in zombie mode it doesn’t, it enters the server normally! alt text

    I'm uploading the .dmp file and soon I'll post the link

  • Happens on selected maps or all maps? You might be missing the DLCs, follow this guide.

  • All maps. I installed the DLC's and continued. Only in multiplayer mode, in zombie mode everything is ok

  • Judging by the exception address its crashing in BO2 itself and not on Plutonium code, where did you download the game from? Our guide or from steam or some other repack? Also upload the dump as stated in the error please, so the devs can look into it.

  • I downloaded it directly from the forum step by step. BO2 Multiplayer was working normally, when I restarted my machine and went to play again this message always appears

  • Have any overlays running in the background such as msi afterburner/rivatuner or such? Quit or disable them if you do. Also we need the dump, upload it please from %localappdata%/Plutonium/crashdumps.

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