Need help setting up community server

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  • I have managed to get the server to start sending heartbeats, But I can not see the server in server listing, Can someone help!

  • @Centralbass post a screenshot of your port forwarding settings also make sure your server can communicate through the windows firewall.

  • @Dss0 c6d16d9c-b2b0-490a-84ff-653895f47c81-image.png

    I'm using a dedicated server for the server. As far as I can see the server should be able to communicate through the firewall. And is there a better way for support? As i can only reply every 10 minutes, I tried the discord but get 0 replies

  • @Centralbass if you type


    into the server console what does it show?
    Can you connect to the server manually via

    connect ip


  • Hi

    Your choice on this one but the way I do the port thing on my windows 2016 dedicated server, is to go into firewall and select "allow app through firewall" and then select these two .exe files from the Plutonium localfolder plutonium-bootstrapper-win32.exe and t4mp.exe. That sorted my issues also makes it easy to add more ports for more servers.

    Also I made the error of copying across the content of my original server.cfg files from my hosted waw servers. This let everything look ok in the console but the server did not show in the list. Make sure you use the server.cfg supplied by the plutonium team and don't add to it from potentially previous waw server hosting experience.

    The above is just my experience this evening.

    Did manage to get a moded and custom map server running so must be something in it.


  • FYI plutonium-bootstrapper-win32.exe is enough, windows will never see the base game binaries running since the code is loaded into the bootstrapper.

  • Cheers Xerxes, always been known to over do it me ๐Ÿ˜

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