Server Shuts down after game ends

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  • Hello, my problem is that when I start my server it shows up fine on the server list and people can join it, however every time everyone dies and the game ends it breaks the server and kicks everyone and shuts down only saying "sending heartbeat" without the "heartbeat successful" message after. Also when I use the status command it says "server is not running". please help. Also this only seems to happen 50% of the time, but mostly only when there are 4 players, 3 and under the server normally works fine. The sound also cuts out before happening as well as the server stops letting you buy things, like doors and guns off the wall. The server also says "NoteaF EXE_DISSCONECTED" right before it happens after it trys to load the new map.

  • @Soliderror post your server config.

  • its the default .config so I don't think its that.

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