can anyone tell me how to get waw on plutonium??

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  • what file do i put it in or where do i downlad pls help?!!

  • read the tutorial ;-;

  • So you want to download there torrent installer and just install the the game but before You do You go to file explorer this pc and than ur local hard drive or some disk drive that be like : / and yeah whatever u should come accros some folders what u want to do is make a new folder and than make a new folder and than name it waw or what ever than continue on with the download of the torrent complete the set up and when u finish setup set up the download and than It should give u options on q bit torrent and than click the folder and than this pc and the hard drive and the folder you created from there WAIT TILL IT SAYS 100% SEEDING IF NOT ITS NOT DONE From there I dont know if you have the plutonium launcher which u will but if not install it use the same account details and than set up and than continue on where this pc is hard drive click the waw or whatever u named it than open the t4 waw plutonium and there u go press play adjust ur resolution and ur good to go.

  • @HannesC thank you i was trying to tell you guys that i did it but it would not let me thanks for the help ๐Ÿ™‚

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