Launcher design contest

  • Project Admin

    We're currently developing a new launcher which will make it easier for new players to install and keep our clients up-to-date. It'll be shipped with an installer and work for both IW5 and T6. With this contest we want to involve the community by letting anyone come up with a design, and if we like it enough we may very well use it in the official launcher!

    A lot of features are planned, but here are a few things that your submission should include:

    • Show global news/announcements
    • Game-specific patcher (latest version, patching progress, changelog etc)
    • Login (with username and password)
    • Serverlist (for both games)
    • Friendlist (if playing, what server)
    • Settings area (game folder location, various other settings)

    You're more than welcome to add more features than mentioned above in your design, but remember to keep the UI clean. Usability is also very important.

    We look forward to seeing many good designs. Please post them in this thread. If you want to modify your submission edit your reply instead of creating a new one. Multiple designs should also be posted in a single reply. You have a week (until the 29th) to post your submission.

    Good luck!

    Update: Added login feature
    Update #2: Topic locked