Steam group integration

  • Project Moderator

    Option to integrate steam groups on dedicated servers.

    There should be an option to link a server with a steam group, moreover there should be a button (maybe below the add to favourites button is the escape menu) to open the steam group in the steam overlay.
    A new tab to the server browser to see a list of servers hosted by joined steam groups would be a nice addition.

    This feature should be added to the client, so people can easily find admins, a forum for the servers they play on, more servers or a simple way to stay up to date with their favourite servers.

  • @Xerxes that would give too much attention and end the project as 4d1 ended? maybe?

  • Project Moderator

    You are quite naive if you think that they don't already know about this project, but they don't care since MW3 is nearly dead.
    Also how would a steam integration draw more attention to Pluto compared to people adding it to steam as a non steam game?
    Oh and BTW 4D1 got closed due to a mixture between NTA being annoyed by the retards of the community (,some devs iirc) and some legal troubles.


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