T4 zombies keeps crashing the game at round 3 or 4.

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  • There is a issue with playing on a zombies server with causes the game to crash without giving any error.
    This has happened on the Plutonium server #6 on the map Nacht der Untoten, and it happened to all 4 players, either at round 3 or 4. After more testing with my friend the issue persisted.

    It seems like an issue with this particular server or map, as it did not happen on any other server I tried to play.

    The client has just released so I though it might a good idea to inform of an issue like this.


    Update: It now seems like there is an issue with plutonium servers 3-8 as it fails to connect to them 4/5 times; the screen goes black after loading the map and it returns to the main menu. When it does connect the server is acting weird, player models are missing heads or there are two players with the same name, but just after a few minutes the server crashed the game either way without any error.

  • We are aware of the SP issues, we are working to resolve them. Thanks for the report.

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