Can't fully close the Console, the command bar is still there.

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  • I cant close the Console whatever I do, I use Shift + Esc to open it since I'm on a 65 % qwerty keyboard with nordic layout. I have the keyboard called Ducky One 2 SF (65%). But doing Shift + Esc again doesn't close the whole console. The actual command bar at the top of the screen is still there. Commands such as "closemenu", "closemenuimmediate" and other commands in the console doesn't seem to work.

    Background: Since this didn't work when I first booted up Plutonium about 1 week ago either, I just said screw it, and played normally without the use of "unlockall". I log on now after the update and everything got reset, so now I really want to unlockall since 1 week of progress is gone. So I want to do unlockall but can't close console to be able to play, if I restart the game after doing unlockall, I'm back at level 1.

    Any tips of what I could do? I don't want to be forced to level again and have the potential of everything getting reset again.

  • Why don't you use the external console? It's one of the use cases why we keep it enabled for everyone.

  • @Xerxes oh wow I never realized that it was an external console 🤦
    Thank you, legend

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