Why I think AW servers would be a great addition

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  • So just to start things off, the first post about AW I saw just wanted the game for free. I own all the cod games available on steam so the ability to play for free is not a reason I consider to be worth listing (Honestly it's stupid af). However I believe that AW would actually be a solid game if either a. supply drop variants were removed completely or b. all supply drop variants were unlocked by default. In creating Plutonium dedicated servers for the game this would be possible. I realize that one opinion doesn't mean much and the game is fairly disliked throughout the community but I think that's part of the problem. Mechanically AW is a solid game and it adds a lot to the formula of previous CoD titles, I feel like everyone just has a bad taste in their mouths due to the beginning of supply drops and p2w in CoD during this titles prime. If these aspects of the game were to be removed I think it would get a lot more recognition and honestly it would just give everyone a way to kill time. I hope this is taken into consideration but I understand it probably doesn't seem worthwhile. Anyways enjoy your morning everybody and thanks for taking the time to read this cry for AW players.

  • @ohWAVs Its not officially released yet but if you know how to build solutions you can play it now: https://github.com/XLabsProject/s1x-client

    Mind you since XLabs is already working on this AW client Plutonium won't make their own.

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