Game running fine then crashes at random

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  • 1 day ago, @Zom created a topic about this and got basically no answer

    "Seems like your dump is valid:

    Unhandled exception at 0x20B8DEFD in plutonium-bootstrapper-win32.exe.13608.dmp: 0xC00001A5: An invalid exception handler routine has been detected (parameters: 0x00000005).
    "0xC00001A5: An invalid exception handler routine has been detected"
    So it seems to be crash related."

    Xerxes said. giving us the reason the game was crashing but no solution
    i'm creating this post to try and find a solution.
    i currently cannot play WAW because of this.

    this is @Zom 's dump if anyone needs it:
    I have the exact same crash instance so there is no need to post my dump.
    if anyone has/had the same problem please reply to help fix this.

  • i have had the same issue

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