why do my stats reset every time i open up the game?

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  • Every time I open up plutonium, my game resets, and I need to type in the command unlock all every time. I also used the popular method of getting diamond camo and gold by replacing some game files, but I don't have the diamond camo anymore, or any vanilla standard camo like ronin or art of war, anymore. I have also tried to reset those files by deleting and downloading them again, but to no avail has it worked. I have also seen this has happened to various people too, they have gotten their games reset every time they open bo2, and are unable to get diamond camo. I have talked to people in the discord about it, and they have also heard it is because of a new update, so this is my final stand, Does ANYONE know how to fix this problem?

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  • The thing is that since the new update, T6 makes a new version of the stats file so replacing it with any other stats file will reset your stats again. So, there isn't any fix per se, just have to live what unlockall gives you. I did manage to get diamond camo, however it does not save for some reason. Eventually there will be an update on this so for the time being, do not replace your stats file with any older version of it. You can always try custom camos too in the mean time.

    Update: I fixed it

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