custom maps not loading

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    Been getting this error when trying to load custom maps. I put the file in storage > t4 > mods and loaded the mod in the menu, then went to private game, selected the map and entered /xpartygo. Someone let me know if there is any fix.

  • Just a little update
    Screenshot (8).png
    The one map in my mods folder, that is a folder rather than an application loads just fine into the game but the rest still all have the error message.

  • These files are executables. Youre meant to run them and they will install the map in the default mods folder for waw. Then you will need to move them the mods folder in the plutonium directory, because the default mod folder dosent work. Then you will start the map by pressing solo in the main menu after loading the mod.

  • @DXontheradio Thanks bro, got it working now

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