Enable Fullbright

  • Feature :
    Enable "Fullbright" option

    Description :
    My only problem with Pluto ( and I think a lot of players too ) is the drop FPS, the game lagging much for me, I tried to lower the texture setting but still lagging.
    I didn't have this problem on the Tekno because I was using the Fullbright.

    You can add the fullbright property to the graphic setting on main menu like what REACTV2 did .

  • Preach brother. Many people are suffering with low fps compared to tekno. I think pluto should consider allowing it or change it a bit so we won't have an ''advantage''

  • Project Moderator

    It has been made very clear by the devs that they will not implement this as it's considered a cheat as it gives an unfair advantage.

  • Project Moderator

    Rejected: It will never be implemented as it provides an unfair visual advantage and the game runs fine even on 10 year old HW!