DDoS attacks in server | BO2

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  • Greetings to the members of Plutonium and especially to the admins and staffs

    Recently, we came across attacks in the game CoD BO2 which caused most users with high ping and lag to experience the game, and even these attacks affected the players, so that the players were faced with timeouts. The reason for this post was just a report on this issue, but unfortunately I did not know where to post, so I chose this section. Lastly, I will upload the photos that indicate the subject at the end of the post .


    mpshot0016.jpg mpshot0015.jpg

    (Sorry for the image quality)

  • @SinaPakdel92 well we can't really do anything about that (yet). A public server's ip isn't hidden so anyone can attack it, the only thing you can do is rent a server that has ddos protection.

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