Graphics Settings for Low End PCs

  • Feature: Added options to increase performance on lower end hardware.

    Description: Add settings to the graphics menu to change settings which would have previously required the user to change in the config_mp.cfg such as disable rendering of water, the sun and glow effects. Why make it an option in the GUI? So that it is set as the default when you start up the game next time, instead of having to do it manually.

    Motivation: This would allow for more players to play on Plutonium, compared to TeknoMW3 which, as far as I've tested, discards any changes to the config cfg's.

  • I think what you want is the ability to use "r_fullbright". The devs have stated before that this gives players an unfair advantage over others, and therefore is considered as cheating and won't be allowed.

  • Project Moderator

    Adding all settings that can only edited through the config file to the options menu is probably a bad idea since it will clutter the option menu too much. Also setting it as default is a really bad idea since most people have PCs that can handle MW3.

    However a performance mode which would turn off a lot of effects without giving a too big advantage and maybe increasing the process priority could be done imho.

    1. You can change things in teknomw3 config. Except cheat protected cmds.
    2. How bad is your computer to not to be able to play 6 year old game?

  • @AMIC_Towelie
    It's a laptop from 2013 with the following specs:
    AMD A10-4655M Quad Core 2GHz with Turbo Boost to 2.8GHz
    8Gb DDR3 1333MHz
    Radeon HD 7620G + 8600M Dual Graphics (2GB Dedicated VRAM)
    WD Blue 500GB SSD

    It probably averages 60 fps but not by a lot.


    I see what you mean about the clutter, a single "Potato Mode" option would be great. But increasing process priority isn't a good idea as on MW3 it tends to mess with the Mouse Acceleration and force it to be on even if the games cfg's say to have it off.

  • @Chopper I used to run MW3 on i5, 4gb ram and 7600m on ~80fps @1076x768. Your laptop is more than capable of running it easily, try not putting it on ultra graphics lmao :D I bet you can squeeze ~125fps by reducing graphic quality.
    do seta r_lodscalerigid 4, r_picmip 2, r_lodscalebias 4 and boom you get 100+ fps just like that.

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