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  • I posted this to the T6 discussion I believe, but this same issue now occurs on ALL of my Pluto servers.

    A server will start (MP or ZM) and will be up for an indeterminate/fluctuating amount of time, before either sending 'False Heartbeats' or outright crashing. T4 seems to hard-crash more often, T6 seems to 'False Heartbeat' more often, though T6 Zombies is comparatively quite stable. I have found no fix, and the server 'auto-restarter' included in the start_(zm/mp)_server.bat asks in I want to terminate the window, making it pointless as I can't monitor the servers 24/7. There is nothing in any log files, the log simply just stops abruptly, and I've done everything to diagnose and repair my servers possible. I'll put a list of attempts below.

    (Restarting server software, restarting server hardware, trying different hardware, using different ports, using a different internal IP, using a VPN to change my external IP, reinstalling Plutonium, reinstalling servers, reinstalling Windows, reinstalling all drivers,)

    I love hosting servers, but with their constant downtime I can't gain a dedicated playerbase and there's seemingly nothing I can do.


  • ##18/04/2021 Update
    Plutonium posted the following to the Discord server:

    NEW UPDATE Plutonium r1749
    We have just released a new update for Plutonium. Changelog:
    * Fixed issues with various maps on IW5 (for example, Black box & Test map)
    * Fixed issues with Verruckt and Nacht on T4 zombie servers.

    My T4 issues are gone, T6 still has it's 'False Heartbeat' moments but something has stopped it from being a constant issue. Love ya Pluto devs

  • Good to hear! We will be working on more updates to make the games more stable over time.

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