Changing DirectX mode?

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  • Hello, how can I change the DirectX version that the game uses? I barely get 20FPS on lowest settings and my laptop only supports up to DX10. I have Intel 2310M and 6GB RAM which should be more than enough. According to GPU Benchmark the integrated graphics scores twice as much as the lowest requirement so I was thinking it might be the DirectX version that's causing it to be so laggy.

  • @Alexthefish what? 3D Mark 05 scores:
    Intel HD 3000: ~8000
    8800GT: ~14000
    8800GT is the card listed in the bo2 minimum system requirements.
    This is not a directx issue, the game uses dx9, it's just the pluto launcher that uses dx11. Your intel hd graphics simply aren't fast enough to run the game at playable framerates.

  • @Dss0 oh right, I do apologise I thought I read a GeForce 6600!

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