Problems with the server

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  • So i have followed the guide on creating a server, and i port forwarded 28961 to UDP, yet nothing works as supposed to.
    The first problem i have is, when i launch WAW Plutonium, and then minimize the game to start the server, after starting the server and ALT-Tabbing back into WAW, the game just freezes, black screen, crashes.
    Second problem is, well let's just say that the server doesn't appear on the server list, even though i port forwarded it and the console says "Heartbeat Successful". Note that i am trying to join the server from a different computer, connected to a different network.
    So what is the problem? I've set the port in the .bat file to 28961.

  • Could be caused by multiple things. It might be that you can't see your own server due to some NAT related problem (and that it is in fact visible for others). This can be tested by connecting to your server using the connect command in the console. Use your external IP address to connect, if that works, it means your server is working just fine.

    If that doesn't work, check your firewall settings. It might be that your firewall, windows defender or some other antivirus program is blocking the incoming traffic.

  • @RektInator I solved everything by messing around with firewall, allowing plutonium in firewall and something like that. Oh and i also did something about a static IP, so there's that. Thanks anyways.

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