Very Low FPS on BO2

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  • For the past few days, my Black Ops 2 (Multiplayer) has had very low FPS, ranging from 2-10 fps, even though I normally have 220-240 fps. I've tried the solutions on the low fps guide, disabling fullscreen optimizations didn't work, but when I set it to high performance, it worked for like 2 or 3 games, but then went back to running at 2 fps. Does anyone have a solution? I'm on a laptop if this helps.

  • @Shardyx It also happens to me, and it happens when I try to join a server and I get that it is full when trying to join again there it runs with low fps, I solve it by closing and reopening and waiting for it to not be full, it also happens to me when I do not run as administrator the plutonium launcher

  • I've had the same issues as you and kinda found a solution.

    I play bo2 using my laptop (1366p) connected to a monitor (1080p), I play on low res and stable @75 fps.

    Sometimes I'd get 1-10 fps in mob of the dead or 20 fps in farm (yeah). I've tried lot of stuff and this is what I came up with.

    First open Plutonium, once you see the comand line, click on the desktop until the game is loaded, then open the game. I've had some problems like getting a no signal screen on my monitor (One solution is joining a game, just spamming the right click once the game's opened, sometimes works)
    If you're still getting trash fps, change your resolution and restart the game.

    It's really weird because it seems kinda random, I even though It was server's fault

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