Got banned for 97 days just after the launch of the online mode of BO2

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  • I've followed the instructions and I installed the game last night. And when I've clicked on play for the first time and black window appeared which almost instantly disapeared. And then there was a message that I didn't have the time to read it, the launcher closed.

    When I launched it again trying to connect to the launcher it was saying that I was banned for 97 days. This happened with my first account named "Poupipoupa"

    I thought it was because of a program that I was using at the same moment, so I created another account (the one I'm actually using here to write this Topic "LivePoupi") and tried again with no other programs launched on the background, it did the same thing.

    I'd like to know if there is something I forgot to do before launching the game.

    Note : I've never used plutonium before but my brother in the same house as me did, and he wanted me to try it. But it didn't work. Is there something about the fact that two computers from the same house cannot be playing to plutonium together ?

    It might be interesting to know what kind of things can ban you for almost 100 days.

    I very hope that someone could answer me about that issue ๐Ÿ˜•

    (I downloaded BO2 with the torrent given in plutonium and I've never played BO2 on PC before. Also, I tried to test the LAN version for around 7 minutes, it worked)

  • Hi - Do you have Discord? If you do, can you drop your tag in a reply?

  • ir happened the same to me my discord its: Kiid#7901 Please if u could help me

  • @Mr-Android Here's my discord account : Chocolatine#9860

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