plutonium and BO2 desinstals itself

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  • a friend with the account TuWaifuTrick just suffered 2 bugs

    1. he just couldnt download the game from the web page
    2. after i sended the game to him with plutonium and T6 it just reciently crashed so hard it uninstalled itself
  • @zulik why isn't he posting here? It would be alot easier that way.
    Why couldn't he download the game (i assume you're talking about the torrent)?
    What do you mean it "crashed and uninstalled itself"? Any error messages? What did you send to him exactly? What happened that made you think it uninstalled itself?

  • @Dss0 he doenst answer beacuse he doesnt know how, he can download the torrent but it doesnt start because it says it isnt updated, i sended him a .7z with every single file and it worked, but just when he configured it and a second time, after that he tried to start plutonium and it crashed and he went to see the files all of it were deleted, like if he didnt ever downloaded it, also, torrent files are slower than the CMD script you had before, if you can still upload it to download, please do it with the CMD so i can help him downloading it again, also since is easier more people will access it and that is important since WaW community its almost dead, anyways i'll tell him to reply the last reply this (for us) afternoon

  • @zulik the first issue you're talking about is most likely one that is covered here:
    I still don't get how a 7zip file could get deleted after the game crashes? The game or plutonium don't delete any files besides the ones in the plutonium folder.. maybe he forgot to extract the 7zip file?
    Piry won't come back as it's too expensive for us to host, the torrent should be plenty fast since it has a ton of seeders.

  • @Dss0 ok, the 7zip didnt disapear, ill be sure he does it well and i understand the piry being expensive, but the torrent isnt nearly that faast, did you think about ftp, i would probably be effective

  • @zulik just as expensive, the problem is that alot of people are downloading our games (100TB a month with piry), hosting for that amount of data is just too expensive. The torrent is pretty fast for me:

    alt text

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